How to claim the Free 50000 up to 1000000+ satoshi direct to your bitcoin address or 2.00$ to 18.00$+ to your paypal account.

Reward Table: corresponding hashrate to your reward.
1000 2.00$
2000 4.00$
3000 5.00$
4000 8.00$
5000 9.00$
6000 10.00$
7000 11.00$
8000 16.00$
9000 17.00$
10000+ 18.00$ +

(Option to received your reward in bitcoin or in paypal)

Task to do:
Step 1. Register to this site Cryptominingfarm (it will open in new tab)

Step 2. Buy hashrate minimum of 1000GHS for 3 months

Step 3. Make a screen on your dashboard like the image below:

Step 4. Send me an email about your account info like:

  • Email address and username you use in registering in my referral link.
  • Name you use in registering.
  • Send screen shot your made in step 3..
  • Your bitcoin address or paypal email to received your reward.  

Step 5. Send all requirements here "" and wait for my response 1-2 days.

Note: If you don't have enough bitcoin to purchase GHS just register under me and when you have enough bitcoin to purchase GHS just complete the task below and send me the necessary file to received your reward.

Sample format in sending:

Subject: Free 50000 to 1000000+  satoshi or 2$ to 18+$ by registering in this site!

Name: Mykel Zamora
Email address (you use in registering in my referral):
Hashrate amount you buy: 1000
Screen shot in step 3.

What type reward: Bitcoin
BTC address: Your bitcoin wallet address here!


What type reward: Paypal

Paypal Email: your


Contact email about this reward:
Note: Do not use the contact form of this blog about the free reward. Use the given email above. tnx
Note: I will only send your reward after hashrate appear to my account. No hashrate purchase NO REWARD.


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